Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Is it really "evidence" of paranormal activity?

There are always arguments about photos of orbs, mists and other alleged paranormal activity.

My personal feeling is that most of the time they are dust or reflections or even insects. But I also believe they can be something paranormal as well. I'm not completely of the "when in doubt, throw it out" crowd. Only if I can prove that it IS something explainable will I discard it. But neither will I consider it to be "evidence" unless I can DISprove the likelihood of it being something natural (dust, bugs, mist, reflections, etc). I've had photos that fit in the middle of that, neither proven nor debunked.

Here are a few "fake" paranormal photos intentionally set up as a reference for comparison:

Something very helpful is to take multiple pictures of everything, so you can compare. Chances are if it's a light reflection, it will be the same in each picture from that angle. Dust or bugs, who knows. They move differently. A video recording will better show that.

Some people believe everything unusual-looking has got to be paranormal... everything has a face in it, from the stain on the wall to the pattern on burnt toast. This can most likely be pareidolia, where our brains try to make logical sense out of random stuff. Camera matrixing will do this also. I've had "arguments" with people insisting that the obvious exhalation of the photographer is ectoplasm. They'll argue that it was too warm to see breath (mine shows in even the low 60 degrees in photos, though I can't see it at the time) even though people in the photo are dressed in heavy coats. They'll argue that it couldn't be cigarette smoke, even though there's an ashtray sitting there in the corner.

There are people who will defend their opinion that something is definitely paranormal, no matter what you suggest or even point out to them. Just as others insist something is NOT paranormal, without total proof of that opinion. I'm really surprised at how nasty some folks can be about it

I have seen an apparently self-illuminating floating circle with my own eyes. Maybe it was what people refer to as an "orb" or maybe not. Unfortunately it was not caught on camera, but at the time I saw it I heard two other people say, "look at that, an orb!" so I know it wasn't just my eyes deceiving me. It moved slowly and appeared to move deliberately. The light it gave off was dim but enough to be visible in a dark room. There were no outside windows nearby where any lights could be shining in (it was down a dark hallway where doors were shut). The only light was an exit sign at the end of the hall.  It didn't have devil horns or angel wings, just a faintly illuminated circle. It wasn't like a flashlight beam illuminating the walls or ceiling, but rather it appeared as illumination in the air.  It looked kind of like this:

Note: This is a drawing, not a photograph.

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