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I will start by explaining what we are not: 
We are not "ghost hunters" or  "ghost busters" or "demonologists".

We are not a part of the current ego-driven trend of "para-celebs" (paranormal celebrities) that you find on television, internet radio, paranormal conferences, or tour groups.   

OK, now what we are: 
We are enthusiasts who strive to learn as much as we can on the subject of paranormal phenomena. So far, no one has obtained any absolute scientific "proof" of paranormal activity. However, we and many others have come across a few things we can't explain.  

For some of us, there is a driving force to explore and learn all we can.  It's not for money, attention or status;  but rather for knowledge and understanding.  We don't compete with others in this field - it's not a sport or a popularity contest.

I've recently become aware of a huge amount of "drama" amongst so-called investigators and teams.  That is a waste of time and energy. There also seems to be a trend (almost a fad, like it's a cool thing) towards everything being demonic.  I just don't believe that demonic possession or activity is common at all. 

We are learning. There are no experts in the subject of paranormal investigation.  

Our earlier recordings and photos may appear to have more activity because a few years ago we got more excited when we saw an anomaly in a photo or heard a possible whisper within the white noise.  The more we learn (and the better quality equipment we can obtain), the more we rule out most of these as natural occurrences.  It's those few that we can't debunk that intrigue us.

We don't have a section of "paranormal photos" simply because so far we haven't captured any anomalies that could not possibly be ruled out as a normal occurrence (dust, hair, breath, etc.).


Whatever one might believe happens to our souls after death, I believe that some (willingly or not) may hang around here.  I wonder if perhaps they can observe us.  Could beings pass on while leaving residual energy behind that we might be able to observe, almost like watching a movie?

Another idea I have is explained in my entry about a possible link between paranormal occurrences and time travel.  Could a sort of quantum jumping be responsible for some paranormal claims?  Like peering into alternate realities?  Or for those who believe in linear time, actual time travelers?  Nobody knows but it's fun to think about.

NOTE: It's important to note that grief and the intense desire to remain close to a lost loved one can hamper the ability to remain objective in regard to possible "evidence" of contact.  A person can want something so badly sometimes that their mind tries to create it.   I refuse to argue with someone who insists that an anomaly in a photograph is their deceased spouse or their child's guardian angel, when it's very obviously a speck of something on the lens or a camera strap dangling in front of it.  Maybe they need to hold onto that belief.  I don't know.  But we don't deal with that.   

What We Do and Don't Do:

We record and study audio and visual information, while also noting any visions, sounds, or impressions we perceive that cannot be recorded.

We do not claim to be able to save trapped souls or to send them "to the light."  
We do not exorcise demons.  
We do not conduct seances or use Ouija boards to summon the dead to us.  
We do not taunt or challenge anything or anyone, living or dead.
We do not trespass on private property.

Note: I refuse to argue religion with anyone. I have found that to always be counterproductive.  Also, I will not argue with a person who insists they have a spirit photo when it is obvious that there's a non-paranormal explanation.  People can be closed-minded and downright mean when they want their picture to be paranormal but it can be proven not to be.  

How We Do It:

Before an investigation, we learn as much as possible about a location, its history and its people.  That's not always possible - but it's helpful to know what kind of questions to ask, language to use or avoid, and accepted etiquette which may have been much different in a past era from what we know today. 

We check into claims of activity and first try to find an explanation for it, such as street noise, car headlights, branches rubbing the building, vermin, air currents, etc.

Not everyone is happy to find out it was just a noisy pipe, a crooked door frame, or unusually high emf caused by electrical equipment.  Some people WANT it to be a haunting.  We won't say it is just to please them or make us look like cool superheroes. 

We experiment with different equipment.  We mostly use voice recorders, still and video cameras (regular and night vision), and EMF detector.  We try out trigger objects.  We have done some experimentation with the Ovilus X and P-SB7, as we love playing with gadgets.  But my personal favorite piece of equipment is the Tascam DR05 recorder and a regular digital camera. 

Once we have collected information we review it and present it in a way intended to maintain respect for the deceased.   I enjoy making videos to share our experiences.

Again, we do not represent our recordings or photos as absolute proof of paranormal activity.

Note: Information regarding private residences is confidential unless permission is otherwise granted.

In Conclusion:

Those looking for the "scare" factor or adrenaline rush should visit any of the multitude of fake haunted houses set up near Halloween.  Those can be full of thrills and startling good fun.   We love that stuff, too.  But when pursuing our paranormal interests, I think it's important to approach it with respect and empathy for the deceased as well as for the living.

I believe that paranormal studies cannot advance until egos are shed and competitiveness is left behind. 

-Mary Lou St. Lucas

Thank you to my husband, Joe, for putting up with my obsessions, excitement, tears, disappointments and joys in this controversial subject.

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