Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Skeptical believers

Believing in possibilities is not the same as blind belief.

Although many may consider themselves professionals in the field of paranormal investigating, there is no true certification.  

To date, there has been no absolute and scientific proof of the existence of ghosts.  Lots of  "information" in the form of photos, audio, video, etc. No proven "evidence" though. 
Maybe some of those are real.  Where does the burden of proof lie? On the side of proving that it's paranormal, or proving that it's NOT paranormal?   It's sometimes possible to prove that it's a natural occurrence or deliberate "fake" but I've yet to see any proof otherwise.

We can only study and collect information, share it and consider explanations that others might have, keep open minds balanced with logical thinking.  I like to present the information we collect with my opinion of what I think it MIGHT be;  

but I could always be wrong...

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