Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Some odd personal experiences

Calico Ghost Town, Tombstone AZ and Big Bear Lake, CA..  descriptions of my odd experiences at these places.

We were at Calico Ghost Town, which is an old silver mining town that’s been kept restored and is sort of a fun place to go visit. They have fake shootouts, shops, mine tours, train, etc. But aside from the touristy aspect of it, there really is a lot of history there to be studied. It is well-known by locals to be haunted by several spirits. 

There is a cemetery near the town. Very old graves, but fairly well-maintained. Joe and I were walking around looking at graves. We like to read the grave markers and learn some history of the area from what’s written on them. I noticed two side-by-side graves which were a husband and wife. I walked between them and stood there as I made a comment to my husband, something about standing between a husband and wife. At that moment I got the weirdest sensation throughout my whole body, something I can hardly explain. The closest I can explain it would be this. Take two strong magnets and see how they cling together. Turn them around so that they repel one another, and it’s hard to push them together. Imagine you are tiny and standing in between those magnets, and you can feel sort of a sliding pressure pushing you on both sides. 
It stopped when I stepped away from those graves, and I’ve never felt anything like that since then.  

It was late at night and we were walking down the main street of Tombstone which is  blocked off from cars.  There wasn't anyone near us, as all the businesses were closed except a bar a few blocks away.  Joe was walking in the street, and I was walking on the wood plank sidewalks.  We both had voice recorders going.

As I walked past the old Wells Fargo bank, and had totally passed by it, I heard footsteps behind me in front of the bank.  There was creaking of the wood, as though someone heavier than I am was walking there.  It sounded like boots or hard shoes.  I turned and asked Joe (still in the street) if he heard it.  He said yes, and that he also saw the double doors to the bank move, as if  pushed in and out.

We walked back to the bank and tried the doors.  They were heavy and locked.  We could not push or pull them at all.  I tried walking by again to see if I could recreate the creaking footsteps sound.  I couldn't get it to creak the same.  I had on sneakers which didn't sound like boots at all.  I tried recreating the whole scenario, with us walking by, with no results.  I doubt there were any 200 pound rats walking around in boots.. at least I hope not.

We did not capture any evp's at the time, although we still have both recordings and I still get a chill when I listen to them, remembering what happened and hearing the surprise in our voices.  Nothing weird showed up in any photos (aside from orbs which could be explained by the dusty street).  I couldn't see into the windows, but could tell by the ones up high that it was completely dark inside the bank building.

The next day we went to a shop across the street and asked the owner about the Wells Fargo building.  She said it was empty.  We asked if there was construction going on there in the evening, but she said nobody had been there in awhile.

I think it may have been residual..  Maybe some old miner or cowboy going in to do his banking, or to rob it.  Who really knows.

In Big Bear, California there is a restaurant named "Captain's Anchorage" which is known to have a "resident" ghost named George.

I'm very intrigued by the history of this location.  I have uncovered a few interesting things in my research, but it's been difficult to find any verified facts surrounding George's death.  My research continues, and we hope for the opportunity to do further investigation.

Here are links to videos from three of our visits to Captains Anchorage.  They include background information, photos, audio recordings and some night-vision footage.  I recommend watching them in order, and using headphones to hear what we think sound like soft whispers.


During one of our late-night visits, I saw a man upstairs dressed in very specific clothing.  Later research revealed to me it was typical attire for the 1940's or 1950's.  High-waist pleated slacks, suspenders, dress shirt with full sleeves.  His hair and eyes were most obvious.  His eyes were dark and staring, like the kind that look right through you.  His hair appeared light brown or dark sandy blond with waves, almost looking like curls that he attempted to slick down with grease.  The slicking didn't work all the way as some curls were showing near and just below his ears.   His face was completely clean-shaven.  

Nobody else was upstairs at the time with me.  My husband and Lorraine (employee) were downstairs.

I later drew a sketch from memory:

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