Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Projecting upon the ghosts

Why do people say they know what a ghost says, thinks, wants, or even what the ghost is doing simply because of a light on an emf meter, a flashlight, or dowsing rods? 

There are all sorts of reasons for an emf meter to register that are not paranormal in nature.

There are some so-called investigators who say that they know the thoughts and feelings of a spirit based entirely on a light on an emf meter.  Or even more absurd, a flashlight turning on or off.

What I believe happens is that people know of a back story, or even have their own idea of what they want the history to be.  So they simply ask appropriate questions and use the light to fill in the answer as they want it to be.  

Then there are dowsing rods.  When they can function without being held in the investigator's hands, I will be interested.

"Mrs. Suicide was very cheerful last night when we were there."   How do you know?  "The K-2 meter said...." Shut up right there.  I quit listening at "K-2".  

"Mr. Murder Victim was in a playful mood that night, flirting with the ladies."  How do you know what mood he was in?  "The K-2 meter said....."  Yeah, uh huh.  How do you know he was flirting?  "The K-2 blinked when they came into the room, meaning he liked them.."  oh please, spare me.  

"Mr. Murderer was angry because such-and-such happened long ago."  How do you know his mood?  Or anything else about him other than history that you've learned already?    Oh wait, I know, the K-2 told you so.   It told you his favorite color, his dog's name, and what kind of car he drove too, I imagine.. BY BLINKING A LIGHT?!!  Or was it the dowsing rods again.   How do you even know it's him at all?

Please don't read so much out of a flashing light.  It's a tool to use for debunking.  I believe it can also be used to back up the possibility of something paranormal; but by itself it tells us nothing about the thoughts, feelings, or anything about ghosts.

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