Monday, March 21, 2016

With a demon here and a demon there...

Everything seems to be demonic these days.  

Demonic activity seems to be the latest fad amongst fans of the paranormal. and "dark energy" gets thrown into all the tv shows (and tv wannabe's on Youtube) now.  Have "normal" ghosts become too boring after such a saturation of them everywhere?  

There are people out there who hang onto everything a paranormal celebrity says, whether it's about orbs or demons.  Some have claimed the mist from breath to be demonic.  Come on.  We exhale demons now? 

Children possessed by demons, gotta call Exorcists-R-Us these days.  Houses infested with demons, gotta lose your life's savings and move out. 

Currently there is no certification for a "demonologist" just as there is none for a "paranormal investigator" - but you can call yourself one and people will believe it. 

Just stop it.  I believe demons could exist.  But I refuse to think they're making people's emf meters beep and turning flashlights on and off, every time a group of self-certified "paranormal experts" dons matching black t-shirts and walks through graveyards or trespasses in deserted buildings in search of ghosts. 

I have much more to say on this subject but for now I will stop.  My coffee got cold and I'm afraid a demon came and sucked the heat out of it.  I'd better bury it in the ground and plant sage on top.

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