Monday, May 19, 2014

Paranormal Unity... wait, WHAT?

What exactly is "paranormal unity" anyway?  There are so many different descriptions.  Maybe it's just a phrase somebody made up one day and started spreading it around.  But what is it?

To some, it means that you will share your findings and agree on what they are no matter what, even to the point of stating "nice catch" when it's obviously something not paranormal at all.  Could it mean to always give a pat on the back, instead of constructive criticism? 

What does it mean when a site states "I support paranormal unity" ?

I don't know what was intended when someone invented the term.  All I can do is come up with my own idea of what I think it ought to be.  Here it is:

Working together instead of opposing or competing with one another. 
Agreeing to disagree at times, and not taking it personally.
Accepting (and giving) criticism without becoming defensive, accusing or otherwise rude.
There is no place in this field of study for boasting, showing off, or otherwise inflating one's ego.

Perhaps it should be a selective unity.  It may be impossible to fully unite research-based study and experimentation with belief-based ideas lacking in tangible evidence... (without getting in a big fight) 

So that's how I interpret "paranormal unity."  
I would like to hear others' opinions.  
Please leave comments or email them to me.

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