Friday, August 22, 2014

Paranormal and "Time Travel" link?

I came across something I wrote in 1998 on the subject:

(floating out there in Usenet somewhere in the past.  Little did I know that Future Me would read it)

OK, just my opinion, a thought that occurred suddenly over morning coffee..
Maybe it's just the East County heat, who knows...too much thinkin' gets ya nowhere sometimes... once again, OPINION only, don't yell at me... who knows, i could be wrong..

With the approach of the millennium, I am beginning to believe more strongly than ever that there does INDEED exist spiritual/paranormal activity, not necessarily EVIL, in no way contradictory to modern spiritual beliefs.   All beliefs must 'harmonize', as viewing the same subject, but through different windows and from different angles.. 

There is no real basis for 'normal'...

There does exist a life on this earth, life on other 'earths', other dimensions, other time frames;  'yesterday' is PRESENT as 'yesterday' but not as 'today'...'tomorrow' will be 'today' tomorrow, but it is just as real today.. it still exists, in another time, as well as all life held within that time frame.  If it EVER was alive, or will be alive, it is alive NOW, perhaps within another vehicle, but most definitely alive. Nothing truly 'dies', it just sheds its shell and slips on to another plane.. 

Perhaps the boundaries of time and distance can momentarily overlap, to enable a glimpse of the energy of a being, devoid of its physical 'shell', believed no longer to exist on this plane at present; or that has not yet come into 'existence' as we know it.. I have first-hand experience, under tremendous (emotional)'pressure', of viewing the energy field, or 'aura' of beings 'presently' alive, and I strongly doubt that this 'aura', or energy field,  ceases to exist when this being 'dies'... 

Having been forced, at times, to travel within my own being, 'inside my head', i realize this is not just a limited and defined space, rather a porthole to the universe, infinite time and space, and an immense treasure of knowledge yet untapped.  Text, words are limiting, but there are unused senses which simply have not been developed, recognized, and used for conventional communication..
Through meditation, openmindedness and self-awareness, perhaps even through what we view as 'disorder', those of us who appear unconventional and perhaps odd, may just have more awareness of our lack of development of these 'unused senses'...

It seems Man has always condemned that which he does not understand, fearing the unexplained.  Don't crucify, don't burn on a stake, don't imprison, don't medicate into a useless stupor.....(of course, unless a crime against fellow man has been committed)  

Rather listen.. LISTEN and learn... the knowledge that is not in books, not in the professor's lecture, not on the net, it is within ourselves...

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