Sunday, February 15, 2015


I will no longer analyze photos or videos of "orbs".  I know I'm not alone in this, as other paranormal researchers have also given up trying to explain the technical photographic causes.
The subject of "orbs" causes more fighting amongst paranormal enthusiasts than any other subject, from what I've observed.  I am not an "unbeliever" that they exist.  I've been called that, and worse.  

Many of us have been there.  New, taking lots of flash photos in the dark, or night-vision video - and finding round things we don’t understand.  Further study in photography offers all sorts of “normal” explanations for these “orbs” showing up.  Dust, bugs, moisture, reflections, even a single strand of a spider web can cause them.  These little particles or reflections are out of focus and thus appear round in the pictures. 

Many  photos and videos with "orbs" show a dog or cat, often playing, moving around, or scratching itself.  People like to say that's spirit energy following the animal.  More likely, it's dust, hair or dander.  There's a reason orbs are more common in dusty attics, basements, or construction areas. Or even in a clean room that has a fan or heating vent, whether or not it's functioning at the time. Air is constantly flowing.

I suggest taking a camera and getting out there and experimenting in different light settings.  Shake out a dust rag and take a flash pic.  Place some shiny objects on a table and take a flash pic.  Boil some water and photograph the vapor.  Blow on the bird cage or brush the cat, take a pic.  Aim at a mirror or through a window or into a light, take a pic.  Take pictures of all sorts of crazy stuff in various conditions.  Experiment with slow shutter speeds.  If at all possibly, take a photography course.

This is not to say that everything that appears to be an orb has a rational explanation;  but we use the process of elimination to exclude every non-paranormal possibility.  Is there a shiny chandelier in the room?  A mirror?  Cut glass? Reflective strips on clothing or shoes?  Moisture?  Rain?  Tiny insects?   Feather?  Has someone been smoking?  Is the environment cluttered or obviously dusty?  Construction going on?  What about the air flow in the room.  Is it still?  Is there a breeze?  Ceiling fan on?  Even our breath can stir up some particles.  (Speaking of breath, it doesn’t have to be terribly cold for the flash to pick up a ghostly-looking mist that we may not see with our naked eyes.  I’ve gotten them in temperatures as high as the 60’s.)

It makes sense to me that if a mass of energy is going to cruise around, a sphere would be the most efficient shape in which to do so.   So-called “spirit orbs” very possibly exist.  I simply don’t know.

We are still in the process of learning about these things, and there is no paranormal enthusiast in the world who knows all of it (yet). I certainly don’t. Someday maybe it will become an exact science - but it hasn't yet.

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