Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Paranormal Photo Analysis

From time to time I receive requests to analyze "paranormal" photos.  

First of all, I am not a professional.  

Most people do not want an actual analysis, but rather a simple validation that they have a "nice catch" of a ghost, demon or angel in their picture.   I have no interest in arguing, or trying to explain that there is a NATURAL cause for an anomaly when the owner already had their mind made up that their photo is SUPERNATURAL.   

Actual analysis can be time-consuming and tedious if done in great detail; yet it's easy to find a source that will quickly state that the photo is paranormal. Just depends on whether a person is serious about the subject or just wants something fun and spooky to show their friends. For the latter, the ghost apps available for phone cameras are popular.  Those will insert eerie effects like ghostly images, orbs, mists, shadows and strange lights. Unfortunately, many folks are attempting to pass those off as "paranormal" photos and a lot of people actually fall for it.  

For photo analysis I require:

An original unaltered digital image taken with a non-phone camera, with EXIF info available. No cropping or color corrections, no photo editing (such as Photoshop), no added arrows, circles or text. The photo must be sharp with no motion blur.  No photos taken into mirrors, or through windows or other glass. No photos of photographs. I no longer analyze "orb" photos.

Also required would be the image taken directly in line before and after the photo in question, with the same camera, whether or not it was taken of the same subject or at the same location or date.  List all natural or artificial light sources present.

If possible include photos of the same location, showing other angles within the area, and include weather conditions (humidity, precipitation, temperature), and time of day or night. 

If  I receive this information along with the photo, I will do my best to analyze it in detail and present my opinion based upon that analysis.  

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