Sunday, April 17, 2016

Cell Phone Apps

Well, it's about time to weigh in on this subject.

Those cute little phone apps where you can add a "ghost" to your photos were most likely intended just for fun.  I'm sure they are. 

You can get all sorts of images to add that touch of a haunting to your family pictures, vacation photos or selfies.  You can add mysterious greenish transparent "orbs" or dark "mists" or even colorful "auras" to fool your friends into thinking you're a talented paranormal something-or-other until you tell them "psych!" and you all have a good laugh.  

Unfortunately, many people are taking these deceptions far beyond a little fun amongst buddies. These images get posted to trick the unsuspecting public into thinking they are real.  

Seem harmless?  Maybe, but it's also deceptive advertising when an allegedly "haunted" public location uses these fake pictures to increase business by implying that according to the photo the place is haunted. These days, nothing opens wallets much faster than the prospect of visiting a real live HAUNTED place.  

Still harmless, perhaps.   But wait.  Here's where it becomes a bit more sinister.  People are presenting these fake "ghost" pictures to grieving people who have lost a loved one, while pretending they have actually captured the spirit of the dearly departed.  There's even a photo making its rounds on the internet of an elderly person supposedly on their death bed, with those familiar "orbs" from a popular app appearing to "float" around the bed.  It's claimed that these are the dying person's spirit.  And people eat it up.  They believe it. Their grief is so intense they will clutch at anything.

The power of suggestion can be immense.  Combine that with a somewhat-convincing visual and a lack of knowledge of digital photography and available phone apps, and you too can be a paranormal photography superstar!  You can fool your friends, fool prospective customers to your establishment, fool mourners at funerals, fool hospice patients' families, even fool the families of tragic accident victims.  Does that really sound like fun? 


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